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A Platform for Networking

Platform for Networking

In IT business, for that matter, any business, it is essential for
people to network together. And Computex, one of the world�s
largest IT exhibitions has become a platform for this.
p____p There has been a certain change in the way business is worked
around here over the years. Traditionally, Computex has been the
showcase of the manufacturing prowess of Taiwanese companies.
p____p However, now that many Taiwanese companies have already
established business and working relationships with partners in
most Asian countries as well as European and US markets, this
event is becoming a forum to get together and meet once a year.
p____p From India, this year, the number of visitors seems to have waned
a bit according to some notable Indian visitors like Raj Saraf of
Zenith. The explanation seems to center around the slowdown. Even
K. R. Naik, MD of Dlink India, seems to believe that the show has dwindled in

p____p But there is a counterpoint to this argument.
According to C. Raj Gurjar , MD of Maxtone Electronics,
from the PC and notebook assembler
point of view, there might already be a saturation level when it
comes to imports. However when it comes to traders, the market
continues to be as big as you see. The opportunities are there
with every new product that is on display.
p____p Rajesh Bothra, CEO of Kobian, Singapore, says that regular
business partners of the vendors now do business away from the noise
and spotlights of the Computex venue. So business is happening,
partners are strengthening relationships on the sidelines.
p____p This really shows how well Taiwanese manufacturers are using
Computex to network with the world. As for India, this show
continues to draw the big names from amongst Indian vendors as
visitors. This is a shopping mall that they can ill afford to

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