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Ketan Shah Shares His Agenda for Bangalore IT Body


— By Ketan B shah

As the elections to the Bangalore Association of IT Dealers (AIT) approaches, I thought it best to give all members of our association a perspective of my plans that I would put in place if elected to the position of Secretary.

I am a strong believer in collaborative work and therefore would focus on taking the team along and as a cohesive unit while working out and contributing to the needs of the city’s channel fraternity. On a personal front, I feel that every AIT member’s needs must be heard and attempts made to ensure a conclusive outcome. I and my team will be striving continuously to strengthen the member relations with principals, distributors and OEMs.

We will be conducting fellowship meets, hold panel discussions on statutory compliance and other critical aspects that would assist members grow their business. Our team will be giving equal importance to cultural, sports and CSR activities. These, we believe, is critical to bring together the members and their families into a cohesive unit.

I firmly believe that this will increase the social bonding, which in turn will result in positive business within the member community. I prefer giving prominence to sports rather than games. Cricket and family get-togethers will help members and member staff network effectively.

We shall address the grievances in a closet and continue the effective programs including increasing life memberships and enroll new members. Last but not least, we will give our fullest support and strengthen the initiatives of FITDAK (Federation of Information Technology Dealers Karnataka).

Having been a part of the AIT association since its inception, I would like to take this opportunity to give back to the association and its members. Please judge me based on my ideas and cast your valuable vote in my favor.

(Ketan B Shah is the Secretary in the forthcoming AIT-Bengaluru. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the views of Channel Times or any of the websites managed or operated by Trivone Digital Services)

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