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My Billion Dollar Dream

Billion Dollar

–Sundeep Misra

When I returned India, after a 15 year stint with some leading MNCs, I was pleasantly surprised with the all round development I witnessed everywhere I went. There was a hustle and bustle to everything. Whomsoever I met, talked about how Bengaluru (not Bangalore) would now emerge as epicenter for “product innovations” and how the next big billion dollar idea would germinate right here in Bangalore.

I moved to Bengaluru bitten by its lush green environs, cosmopolitan attitude and pleasant weather all year round. After quickly settling my two sons into school, I began earnestly looking for a home to buy. Everyday I would spend hours scouring through newspaper advertisements and making calls to advertised numbers.

More often than not, I encountered a busy tone or was kept on hold for long and if I did get through some ill equipped executive, who did not have answers to my queries, would serve me. Needless to say, I was annoyed with the entire experience.

It was then that I hit upon my “billion dollar” idea – of a cloud based incoming call management service that would enable brands to get a firm grip on their voice based business engagements and enhance customer experience.

I set up a small team to help explore and eventually execute my idea. And I also spent considerable time talking to potential customers on what they expected from such a system, I was elated to find not only an established need and also captive demand for our offering.

Encouraged, I delved full time into development and in early 2013 launched MCube, a cloud based call management solution available to customers “on-demand” and “on- a-pay-as-you-use” basis.

True to its promise, today MCube enables brands to automatically greet callers 24×7 and then quickly connect them to pre-designated executives best qualified to address the caller’s requirement irrespective of their location. Additionally, MCube provides brand managers with real time data on volume of calls received, who handled them and what transpired during each call.

All this is available to brands on a “pay-as-you-use” mode and does not require any hardware or software installation on customer premise.

More than a thousand paying customers use MCube today and more are joining everyday. Vishram, an NGO sponsored elderly care service uses MCube to deliver empathetic care to its elderly patrons, Tata Beverages uses MCube to track customer feedback, a highway breakdown relief service uses MCube to deliver speedy relief to stranded travelers, Jumbo Kids, a leading kindergarten chain uses MCube to provide prompt information on toddlers to concerned parents.

A newly launched “doctor-on-call” service plans to use MCube to automatically route incoming patient calls to registered doctors on their network, without any human intervention, 24×7, 365 days a year.

Imagination, it seems, has no limits. With MCube, we are learning this everyday and enjoying every bit of our experience.

(The author is the CEO of VMC Technologies. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the views of Channel Times or any of the websites managed or operated by Trivone Digital Services)

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