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Computex 2002 will shortly kick off in Taipei. This year, the show is expected to get bigger. Some heavyweight product shows are on the anvil. AMD�s Hammer will be under the spotlight. p____p The four-day event is the biggest shopping opportunity for Indian IT hardware importers, because it is the biggest assemblage of manufacturers showing off their wares. The Indian market has seen an influx of Taiwanese imports in the past few years and it is likely to increase further this year after the importers clinch some more deals. p____p Taiwan has been hailed as the Mecca of IT manufacturing and this event shows the Taiwanese achievements in the manufacturing arena. Apart from Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese companies will also be participating in the exhibition. The number of exhibits is expected to offer a tremendous choice to the importer who is on a shopping spree.p____p Many Indian IT businessmen make it a point to visit the exhibition every year. It is a time for them to scout for products and negotiate with possible partners. It is quite likely that some Taiwanese companies may announce plans for Indian market sometime after the event.p____p This year, the exhibition space will be a hall more than last year. Last year�s function focused on the 1394 technology but this time the event will showcase five theme pavilions dedicated to wireless, IA, security, Technology development apart from IEEE 1394. p____p Indian importers who are scheduled to visit Computex this year have been evincing interest in IA products. Last time around, we saw quite a few digicam models coming in. What can we expect to see this time around?

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