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Viewsonic Expands Vision

Expands Vision

The sole representative of US-based Viewsonic and sales manager, Kerman Rana wants to build value around the brand. After his stint with Godrej Pacific, Priya, he wants to replicate the success with Viewsonic too. Nancy Philip finds out how he will reposition the brand in the Indian marketplace.

__fc In what aspects does Viewsonic has an advantage over its competitors?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p We offer high-end monitors with a strong hold in the corporate segment. Although we realize that companies are following aggressive pricing strategies, we do not have any plans to cut prices and be perceived as a brand that provides low-end products. Moreover, our products have different levels of resolutions for different users. There are also features like editing, which the competition does not offer.

__fc How do you plan to reposition the Viewsonic brand in India?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p Our prime objective right now is to put our distribution strategy in place with our three distributors, Roop Electronics, Savex, and Aditya Infotech. While the latter two work on the national level, Roop is a regional player. We also have plans to concentrate more on high-end products like the 17-inch LCD panels and invest in advertising. We want to ensure that end-buyers are aware about our product range.

__fc How do you plan to improve product performance?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p As I mentioned earlier, we are focusing on end-user awareness and want them to know that most monitors in the market are not certified on radiation except international brands. Viewsonic has achieved this certification from the international organization for its monitors.

__fc Why does Viewsonic want to establish value-based resellers?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p Since service is an important aspect in India, Viewsonic has appointed HCL as its national service provider. This gives us a two-tier backup.

The basic logic behind this is that the end-users must realize that we offer more than just a monitor. According to me, education among consumers is more essential than selling. If he is aware of the products that you offer, he will ask for it. We will therefore appoint authorized dealers from the next quarter.

__fc Is Viewsonic�s �Finch Club� a step towards this?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p Yes, this is our first step to authorization and some dealers have already been registered in the club. It currently offers a point scheme, where points can be redeemed at the end of the quarter. Performance outlets will be authorized by Viewsonic based on this and given incentives. I believe that sales have increased by almost 25 percent due to this club.

__fc How much potential do you see in the market right now?fc__
__fc Rana:fc____p Our prospects in India have increased tremendously with a direct presence. Earlier the channel could not reach us in case of a problem but now it feels more confident due to direct interaction with the principal.

Viewsonic currently holds a share of 8 to 9 percent in the Indian market and aims to reach 15 to 20 percent by 2002 with the upcoming launch of our range of projectors. However, monitors will still be our main focus.

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