Lenovo Reaches Out To Kanchipuram Partner After CT Intervention


Kanchipuram, May 28: A DOA (dead-on-arrival) issue with Lenovo that wasn’t addressed for more than six months was sorted out after Channel Times escalated it with the global vendor.

Spectra systems of Kanchipuram had sold Lenovo All-in-one PC (Model No:3574P2Q) in August 2013. After 40 days, the system started showing ‘no-display’ error. “We raised a complaint from our side, but there was no response from Lenovo. After three months they sent service engineers, but they were not able to fix the problem. After regular follow ups they came thrice to solve the issue but all went in vain. Six months passed away and the customer was upset and wanted the amount to be refunded,” said Sridhar, who further added that the customer even filed a case in the consumer court.

The issue was escalated to C.Arumugam, the then secretary of Confed-ITA during the tenure of Muthiah R Pillai. With no response from the vendor, the association escalated the issue with Channel Times. The issue was forwarded to the communications team in Lenovo. Understanding the emergency of the issue, the communications team in Lenovo raised the issue with the concerned team and got it resolved.

“The Lenovo officials spoke to us directly and accepted to pay for the DOA. Within a week the customer received Rs 43,850.00. We wholeheartedly thank Arumugam,Confed and Channel Times and the communications team in Lenovo for their immense and sincere efforts,” Sridhar said.

An Alarm Call For Lenovo:

This is not the first such case for the vendor. Channel Times has already reported that Lenovo has service issues across Tamil Nadu( click here to read the news).

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