Venktron Alleges Unethical Business Practices By Envent Worldwide

Business Practices

Mumbai, Dec 31: Venkton Digital Systems, a distributor/stockiest of all IT Products based in the city, has alleged that its vendor company Envent Worldwide was indulging in unethical business practices and charged that the top management of the enterprise was involved in cheating.

Venktron Digital Systems proprietor Ajay Singhania said in an email to Channel Times that his company was appointed as distributors on a pan-India basis for Envent following which the latter had insisted on stocking up on IT peripherals from time-to-time after making payments. “Though initially there was some cooperation from their side, as time passed, we faced lots of issues on the products as well as on the after sales service,” the email noted.

“Despite discussing the issues with the company, the vendor is showing no seriousness to resolve the service issue. Moreover, we have returned the unsold material worth Rs.9.25 lakhs, but they are not ready to return our payments. All our efforts to get back the money proved futile and now they are not responding to our calls and are also not acceding to our request for meetings,” the email said.

The distributor has also alleged that Envent and its owners are cheating everyone in the market to whom they owed money. He also alleged that the company was not paying its staff and had also shifted its offices without informing the resellers and others.

Efforts by Channel Times to contact the proprietors of Envent Worldwide – Sandeep Ramani and Sukesh Madan – did not bear fruit as of now.

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