‘Already 100,000 Businesses Using ERP 9 Solution’

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Avinash Gupta
Member Central Leadership, Tally Solutions

What is the rationale to move from Tally accounting solution to ERP 9 space?

Earlier also, our products were catering to different needs of the businesses accounting, inventory, and payroll, etc. It is only now that we consciously decided to brand our product as ERP. In Tally .ERP 9, we have built some functionalities which take care of critical business needs. Today, our products take care of most of the business issues faced by a SME.

Can you explain go- to -market strategy for ERP 9?

Any businesses who are using computers are our potential customers. This stems from our belief that there are two kinds of businesses in the country, one who use Tally and others who would use Tally. To reach out to the prospects, we have meticulously built a powerful channel of business partners who are catering to the infrastructure/technology and statutory/financial requirements of these businesses.

What are your brand positing and marketing strategies for ERP 9?

Our products are positioned toward catering to the business needs of the SME segment. Till recently ERPs were prohibitively expensive, and complex to implement. Today, Tally provides affordability in terms of total cost of ownership of the product, service and trained resources.

Can you explain on the role of your channel partners, (both sales and service)? Also share the breakup of Tally’s overall channel base in India?

We are an indirect company, and today we have more than 12,000 sales and service partners across India. The partners’ classification is as follows: TP, TSP, TI, TE, and TA.

Tally Partners (TP) are sales partners, Tally Service Partners (TSP) are high quality, dedicated support and service centers. The TSP extends installation, implementation, training, data migration, data support, on-site and off-site services and maintenance. Tally Integrators (TI) are service partners who have expertise to deliver large scale IT solutions, they would be typically suited for enterprise engagements. Tally Extenders (TE) are service partners who have developed modules to address customer specific business processes. Lastly Tally Academy (TA) is our education and training partners.

What response have you received from your partners and customers?

After its release in March this year, Tally.ERP 9 has received overwhelming response. We already have over 100,000 businesses using our solution.

Pls explain available category of ERP.09 and its licensing pricing and No. of users for?

Currently, it is available in two types: Tally. ERP 9 Silver (Single User) – Rs. 13,500 and Tally. ERP 9 Gold (Multi User) – Rs. 40,500.

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