“The industry is moving towards transformation”

CA Technologies

Stephen Miles, Vice President, Service Assurance Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies
speaks to Faiz Askari, ChannelTimes Bureau

The complexity of IT environment requires a new approach towards the manageability aspect. This leads to a great opportunity for technology companies and enterprise partners. In an exclusive interaction with ChannelTimes, Stephen Miles, Vice President, Service Assurance Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies, shared his views about CA’s market strategy for India and its commitment towards enabling partners to address the evolving market dynamics.

CT: Complexity in IT infrastructure is becoming key concern from the manageability aspect. What are the key trends in enterprise IT market that has evolved in last few years?

Complexity in the IT infrastructure requires new set of approach to manage it. The industry is clearly moving towards transformation. Market trends like cloud computing, BYOD, mobility, providing ease of access to the user of IT tools and self-service are evolving day by day and become a reality in IT. More importantly, customers have become the most important stakeholders, in business cycle. These changes have made the entire market agile towards prompt management of the IT infrastructure. The integration of technology and business has grown so much as it is becoming vital for technology provider to show their utility and value in the business.

CT: How did CA Technologies evolve in India in the last few years?

We see strong demand of taking technology infrastructure closer to the business activity. We see this as a great opportunity for us in India. Last few years we aggressively worked on these lines. Providing ease of IT infrastructure management to the Indian customers is a key mandate for us.

CT: Which are the key market segments for CA Technologies in India?

Government and large enterprise are always important for us. We also look at specific segments like BFSI and telecom as key verticals for our business. These verticals have been very vibrant for us in last one or two years. However, we also have managed service providers (MSPs) who are targeting the Indian SME segment as well. Approximately we have 10 MSPs who target the SME vertical.

CT: What is the structure of partners for CA Technologies in India?

We have three business categories with regards to CA partners in India. The first category is Tier 1 partner who mainly targets the large enterprise businesses and government segment. We have around six such partners working actively for us. The second category of partners is tier 2. These are around 15 in numbers covering the entire geography of the country. These partners have regional and local expertise. The third league of partners for us is the service partners. They are responsible for the service delivery at the customer’s end and they are around five in number.
We are mainly focused on the quality of expertise among partners. We do not look at larger numbers of partners to get engaged with us, rather we want to enable the existing set of partners in order to address the customer demands and understand their pain points.

CT: How do you look at the evolving market dynamics from the perspective of partners?
Convergence has bought a new shift in the market. Customers are strongly showing an interest in shifting towards services model from the conventional on-premise solutions. We enable our partners to deliver our solutions according to these customer’s interests. In addition to this, we regularly update our partners in order to understand new market trends. With new market trends we can foresee that partners can make better profits for their business.

CT: What are the key attractions for partners with regards to scalability and growth with CA Technologies?

We definitely work towards introducing solutions and offerings that can enable deeper and fruitful relationship between the partner and the customer. For example, our latest launch of Converged Infrastructure Management Solution will lead to great opportunities for newer business streams for partners. The biggest attraction for any partner would be about increasing the business profitability. We ensure that there should be enough opportunities for new revenue streams for partner and they make better profits for themselves.

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