We Want To Focus On Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing

Rohil Sharma
CEO, Perpetuuiti
Enterprise software provider Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft, is constantly trying to reinvent itself by developing products for the global marketplace. The Intel Capital Portfolio Company that is focused on building products that address business service availability, is now eyeing at creating innovative technology solutions in the areas of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. The company has recently been named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner. Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti discusses how the company is leveraging emerging technologies in order to drive innovation.

CT: Gartner has recently recognized Perpetuuiti among its list of ‘Cool Vendors.’ What does it mean for the company?

Rohil Sharma: We were recognized earlier as a ‘Recovery Assurance and Orchestration Automation’ Vendor in Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle for IT-SCM, 2014’ Report. Being recognized by them once again feels really great and this is certainly an honor for us. Gartner selects innovative and impactful companies in the “Cool Vendors” Report. We believe that it reinforces the value our products are offering to enterprises. It also confirms our focus on delivering products that address business service availability assurance, orchestration and automation challenges.

CT: Could you share your thoughts on the evolving BCP/DR market and current trends in this space?

Rohil Sharma: As companies look to do more while consuming fewer resources, the role of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) technologies becomes even more pertinent today. The ability of an organization to recover from a disaster is directly related to the degree of BCP (Business Continuity Planning) that has taken place before the disaster. Industry analysts claim that two out of five businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event. Not surprisingly, organizations have made it a high priority to develop and implement reliable business continuity plans to ensure that IT services are always available to internal users as well as outside customers.

According to industry estimates, the global BCP/DR market is estimated to reach about $5.77 billion by 2018, growing at the CAGR of over 50%. The key factors driving the BCP/DR market today include backup and storage recovery, privacy and security especially with respect to cloud & virtualization, ease of implementation, simplicity and flexibility of recovery process, and easy management and control. With trends like social networking, mobility, IoT and cloud coming into play, the need for business continuity and disaster recovery is only going to increase further.

CT: Increasing enterprise need for business continuity management and the role Perpetuuiti can play?

Rohil Sharma: As business continuity evolves, so do the responsibilities and demands on industry personnel. Contrary to the popular belief, most companies and organizations categorize business continuity planning as a risk aversion mechanism or insurance policy. Business continuity planning consists of steps, policies and procedures that are activated once a disaster has occurred. The objective is to recover as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. Having a plan in place saves time, money, and possibly entire company. A business continuity plan will not prevent the earthquake, flood or most other types of disasters from happening. What a tested business continuity plan could do is potentially save thousands, if not millions, of dollars in production losses and reputation of business.

Perpetuuiti understands the essence of BCM and plays a crucial role in it. Our solutions have been well accepted and appreciated by customers, system integrators, cloud service providers, hosting service providers and consultants. Our products can provide recovery and continuity specialists with very useful insights regarding the benefits of exercise orchestration and automation. Enterprises can leverage Perpetuuiti’s wide range of solutions to achieve a smoother and highly automated BCP model with formalized tracking of recovery and continuity service level management.

CT: What about Perpetuuiti’s expansions plans and focus areas?

Rohil Sharma:Perpetuuiti will continue to focus on diversifying the scope of its products and solutions in the space of IT Service Continuity and Availability Management to ensure customers remain business resilient, round the clock. Toward this end, the company has set up its research and development center near Chennai. As the industry increasingly focuses on emerging new technologies in the area of artificial intelligence, Perpetuuiti will ensure that it continuously innovates to create best-in-class products to meet the evolving needs of customers. We believe our focus on R&D will give us a competitive edge and help us become innovation leaders in the service availability management space.

Of the products which are in pipeline, the first release is scheduled for iSAM (Intelligent Service Availability Management), a comprehensive platform for artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

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