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Ambrane India unveils its new brand identity and strategy

As part of the brand evolution, the company unveiled a new logo, cueing the three attributes of the brand – Indian, reliable, and Modern.

Ambrane, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing mobile accessories brands, unveiled its new identity strengthening the vision of their brand. The new identity with the icon ‘∴’ i.e. therefore, symbolizes the brand as the logical choice for the consumers looking for next gen & tech savvy products that are ‘Made in India’. Each of the dots of the symbol in an upright triangle stands for the three attributes of the brand – Indian, reliable and modern. The new brand identity and logo underlines the brand positioning statement and summarizes the company’s commitment to this endeavour. Ambrane, since its inception in the year 2012, has built thoughtful products that have impacted the lives of over 20 million plus customers in India.

The company, with its new logo, introduces a fresh & balanced colour wheel. It uses a vibrant orange primary colour palette that depicts the brand’s zest and enthusiasm, while the calm blue palette displays Trust and expertise. The overall colour scheme in soulful and modern colours is seen as the colour of innovation & modern thinking for the brand.

As part of the brand evolution, the new logo & its colors, cues a modern approach with Indian values for the brand. With its unique key symbol ‘∴’, the company unveiled its new tagline #ThereforeAmbrane, aligning to the promise of delivering next-generation modern tech solutions and experiences to its consumers by an Indian brand.

Speaking on the announcement of the new logo, Mr. Ashok Rajpal – Director, Ambrane India, added, “When we started this exercise of the new logo, we wanted something that seals the brand promise yet showcases the company’s commitment in the fast-changing industry. We never had an icon to our earlier Logo and hence it was critical to capture an icon that could resonate with the future audience and the vision of the brand. The symbol ‘therefore’, did encapsulate the communication. The message behind the logo: we are Indian, we are reliable, and we are modern. #ThereforeAmbrane, represents the many reasons why Ambrane is the preferred brand of India.”

“The Logo seamlessly enveloped over packaging and the product, bringing fresh energy and vibrancy across various touchpoints. We will now be releasing the 360-degree integrated marketing communications that shall drive the message forward for us.” he further adds. The introduction of the new visual identity matches with the brand’s overarching mission, which shall translate across packaging, branding, and all kinds of marketing communication. Ambrane’s ambitions to establish a leadership position in the mobile accessories space, by revamping nearly all facets of its business.

Ambrane recently had announced the famous cricketer Ravindra Jadeja as its brand endorser. With the new logo, the brand has also unveiled its new DVC with the cricketer.

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