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Konica Minolta launches High-speed digital press AccurioPress C4080

Konica Minolta announces the launch of its High-speed digital press AccurioPress C4080 a “Bridge to Success”. A user-friendly production that’s ideal for businesses looking to expand their production capabilities with advanced automation and ease of use for various applications with inline finishing options enable users, to ship the final product and develop additional revenue opportunities

The AccurioPress C4080, replaces AccurioPress C3080. AccurioPress C4080 brings Outstanding media versatility that can print on thin to thick stocks (62 to 360 gsm), banner stocks up to 1300mm (simplex) and up to 900mm (duplex) including embossed and coated paper up to 360gsm in simplex and duplex, for better quality image resolution has been enhanced to 2400dpi. Envelopes can be printed with the standard fuser at half speed and higher resolution for better image quality. With optional accessories such as Intelligent Media Sensor IM-101 for measuring and identifying media, ensuring that the correct media settings are selected, no matter the operator’s skill level. Another option to deliver fully trimmed and creased long sheets of up to 51″ to the output tray is TU-510 are enablers for users to complete their task in-house at an affordable price point.

The AccurioPress C4080 digital press print at 81/81 A4 ppm Color/Black and white respectively and offer the flexibility of two-sided printing on sheets up to 34” long (allowing the capability of producing an 8-panel, letter/A4-size brochure). The AccurioPress C4080 Series also use Konica Minolta’s advanced colour processing technology Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Process (S.E.A.D). This combines an array of technical innovations to guarantee exceptional colour reproduction at top speed.

Enhanced features enable, operational efficiency and business expansion of Konica Minolta users.

The AccurioPress C4080 provides

  • 3,600 (equivalent) x 2,400 dpi resolution
  • Duplex printed sheets up to 34.”
  • Simplex printed upto 51”.
  • Envelopes can be printed with the standard fuser.
  • Media versatility up to 360 gsm provides a wide choice of paper choices and print applications.

Options such as TU-510, IM-101 and the IQ-501, a fully automated, closed-loop quality management tool, provide customers with the ability to produce fully finished, high-quality, ready-to-be-boxed output quickly and easily without skilled operators — meaning increased uptime, productivity, quality and profit.

The AccurioPress C4080 has been adaptive with any workflow environment, Konica Minolta offers its own controllers with the IC-609. Other third-party controllers are the IC-419 Internal Fiery Image Controller or the external IC-317 Fiery Image Controller. The AccurioPress 4080 Series also benefit from the AccurioPro Suite, Konica Minolta’s powerful suite of digital solutions for professional printing, one of the industry’s most versatile and powerful tool to optimise print operations and workflows.

About Konica Minolta India


We are part of Konica Minolta, Inc. a premier Japanese multinational corporation, with a market legacy of almost 150 years and a worldwide presence spanning over 150 international markets. We are specialised in the field of enterprise printing solutions and Enterprise Content Management space. We have been directly present in India for the past 11 years, catering to a wide range of printing & document solutions requirement for the Indian corporate customers.

Konica Minolta is a pioneer and leader in the field of imaging technologies and has continued investing in innovation for such diverse fields as Advanced MonitoringDigital Manufacturing and Smart Workplaces, so we are well poised to usher in the AI / IoT inspired transition to cyber-physical systems that is heralding the industry 4.0 era, and likewise are also working in the Analytics and Deep Learning for the Society 5.0 transformation.

We offer Intelligent Connected Workplace (ICW) Services to our customer by which we bring efficiency in the utilisation of the print resources while managing the complexity arising from a multitude of user requirements, with the end result being not merely a reduction in the print costs but also an increase in user productivity with enhanced security and sustainability benefits. In essence, our ICW offering helps our customers to MINIMISE ALL Complexities / Costs / Environmental Impact and MAXIMISE ALL Resources Utilisation / Productivity / Security.


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