6 Ways Channel Partners Can Use Content To Increase Sales

Content To Increase Sales

With markets becoming more competitive Channel partners are finding it ever more difficult to sell products and services.Vendors have to thus ensure that partners have the know-how and tools they need to win their clients.

Content marketing is a new way of taking goods and services to the market and that is why channel partners need to be made more acquainted with this to maximize sales.

Here are six significant steps vendors need to take so that their channel partners can sell more:

1. Make them aware of core content prices: Content is very significant for impormation sharing. Good contents are assets and partners can share them with customers. Engaging content such as high-quality infographics, articles and whitepapers that educate people are very useful. For more effective results, core content can be paired with sales collateral but it also has to be ensured that sales content still offers actual value.

2. Ensure perennial flow of content for brand recall: Consistent delivery of highly engaging content will make the partners become top of the mind of the consumers. Customers generally have a short term memory given the plethora of choice in the market. It is therefore extremely important to make constant contact with the customer. This helps the client recall both the vendor and the channel partner and the brand is cemented in his memory and while the client is making a decision or has a chance to suggest a brand to others, they easily recall your brand.

3. Giving knowledge as to how all this content can be used: Imparting proper knowledge of the content is most important. It is no use to bombard the channel partner with all the content if he or she does have the knowledge of how to put it to use. It will then only result into a big waste of time. It pays-off to create a step-by-step checklist on how to reap maximum benefits from content. This way channel partners would exactly know and understand how content can boost sales.

4. Partner can be good content creators: Channel partners are the ones who are directly facing the client each day, they are the in this way vendors ears as partners get to hear the questions and objections of the clients. All the reactions and comments can give rise to content ideas and which can be shared with marketing. The marketing team can add on to the content and this will result in a content which is straight in line with the people the vendor is selling to.

5. Sharing Success Stories Boost Morale: It boost the morale and enthusiasm of the channel partners when he or she gets to know the success story of the others. So at the annual partner conference, when all the partners come under one roof, if a partner shares his or her experience and tale of success it encourages the others to see positive results.

6. It pays-off to be patient: Content marketing is comparatively a new concept and new idea to the channel partners. It is imperative to give them time to completely understand it and take it forward, for this, vendors have to be patient and take small steps. As partners keep getting used to this mode of marketing with time they will move faster and be comfortable with content.

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