Acer S1002 Detachable Is An Alternative For Netbooks

In my personal opinion, Net book has always been a unsung hero amongst the computing devices. However, it failed to win the customers despite being friendly in terms of cost, performance, battery consumption, looks and weight. Taiwanese giant Acer wants to build a device which is a cocktail of a tablet and laptop in a detachable form.

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The product’s price factor is amazing as it comes below INR 20K. The product is best suitable for business class, frequent travellers and who is cost-conscious S1002 product comes with the 500Gb HDD and it does all the functions what gigantic laptops do. The detachable option will help you use the same device either as a laptop or tablet. It has Atom processor and it works good with the inbuild Windows 8.1 version. The product is weightless and is the suitable choice for customers looking for an alternative for both mobile and laptops.

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Acer has done well in terms of looks and appearance. The device is compact with 10.1″ screen, and weight around 1 kg. The connectivity part is fair in terms of the USB, memory card slots, WiFi, Blue-Tooth, touch-screen options. Not just the looks, some of the safety factors including magnetic action between the tablet and key board is also taken care. The device also comes with camera on either sides and in-built speaker.

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