AirLive Launches Industrial Ring Managed Switch

Industrial Ring

With the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) trend, many industrial devices need to connect to Internet in order to be managed more efficiently. AirLive reliable industrial managed switches have enabled system integrators to build a real-time parking lot or factory monitoring system that optimizes efficiency and reduces management cost.

AirLive’s Latest Industrial Ring Managed Switch allows system integrators to design networks in Ring structures. These Ring structures will cause a loop for normal switches, but with AirLive industrial Ring Managed Switches, Ring Structures can provide the network redundancy. Thus it can reduce the managed cost.

AirLive industrial Ring Managed switches are also managed switches which can be managed by webpage, SNMP, Telnet and Console. The AirLive industrial Ring Managed Switches also support the SNMP Private MIB and CLI command. Thus, it can be easily managed or integrated by any automatic system integrators software. AirLive Industrial Ring Managed switches are also PoE switches. PoE is getting popular in surveillance and automatic control as well as lighting. With high power and reliable industrial PoE managed Switches; they can provide stable Power over Ethernet and data communication for your factory or office building automation as well as surveillance application.

AirLive Industrial Ring Managed Switches can operate from -40c ~ 75c degree. It is the ideal solution for applications which work under hash environment and require stable network and PoE power such as parking lot or IP surveillance. The Ring managed Switches include three models which supports all Gigabit Switch with Fiber Port in option.

Airlive, powered by OvisLink Corp. has been dedicated on ICT industry by providing High Quality Networking and Data Communication as well as Security Innovations for more than 24-years. AirLive will be pleased to provide you with our solutions through partners and close cooperation. Additionally AIRLIVE Industrial Ring Management switches can operate 40C to 75C Degree which comply the need of switch performing accurate under hash environment.”

Speaking about the same, Bishwajit Sutradhar, Director of Operations, India, Electro Cheval Technologies told Channel Times, “As Indian network deployment is moving towards Industrial Manage solutions where Solution partners are building a network for their customers which demand real time networking management, Airlive latest Industrial Ring management switch is the perfect match to address growing demand of the partners.

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