Array Networks Bets Big on Channel Partners

The US-based Array Networks has bagged several smart city projects in India and is betting big on its channel partners to accelerate these projects. Smart city projects have contributed to 40% Array’s growth rate this year. By the end of 2020, the company aims to be part of 20 more Smart Cities to continue the growth momentum.

In an exclusive interaction with Channel Times, Shibu Paul – VP of International Sales, Array Networks said, “Array is associated with various SIs who are active participants in various Smart City projects across the country. The objective is to identify the key SIs in the project and set the project bidding in motion.”

Array Networks has a strong presence in the Indian market and supports application and data-access coherence needed for smart cities. Paul believes, this growth is being attributed to Array’s relationship-oriented partnership strategies.

He explained that Array follows an application-driven approach wherein they help partners in understanding the applicationsrequired for smart cities projects and helping them to stitch a customized solution which provideshigh availability& accelerated performance of their application. “Array supports in stitching the complete solution & documentation for SI partners, working closely with their bid teams,” he said.

According to Paul, “Array has designed its channel program in such a way that partners get protected margins as well as a wide degree of space in pricing to their customers. Array ensures that the partners have the best prices to win the bids. Our focus is on customization rather than just offering standard product which will inadvertently help our partners get a better deal in the current smart cities projects. Moreover, Array is investing in training and certifying our partners as well as joining customer engagement programs.”

Technology is the foundation of Smart Cities, but India needs cost-effective landscapes supported by technology and sustainable frameworks to help meet the objectives. Cities in India need to tackle important issues such as basic sanitation, public transport, clean water, and effective waste management. Paul said, “The traditional approach of managing and maintaining the cities must change – both in mindset as well as in the way they are administered. Data needs to be used effectively in each stage of decision making.”

Keeping these factors in mind, with the help of its channel ecosystem, Array is focused on developing a skilled pool of resources capable of leveraging inclusions in all current smart city deals. Paul said, Array has the potential to make a difference to the channel community by creating a highly trained channel ecosystem capable of propelling the company towards the emerging industry requirements in establishing intelligent cities throughout the country.

“At Array we extremely proud of our close, collaborative relationships with our partners, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work.  Our partners pitch outcomes and not technologies to the government clients, addressing how our offerings would solve concrete issues that the city wants to tackle,” Paul concluded.

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