ASIRT Rolls Out Gold Member Program 2017

Member Program

Mumbai based Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) has rolled out the ASIRT Gold Member Program 2017 for its members. The objective of the initiative is to give ASIRT members a distinct identity in the highly competitive system integration business. Under the program, ASIRT has introduced a set of guidelines and processes that members will need to comply with to get the ASIRT Gold Member title.

“We at ASIRT are committed to our members in scaling up their business. Many SI partners undergo ISO certification for high business standards and tide control over processes. This is exactly what we want to replicate at low cost to our members. We are offering this program to our 150 SI members absolutely free”, said Chetan Shah, founder member and former chairman of ASIRT.

Simply selling the cheapest products and being the cheapest service provider does not matter to customers. What matter is the value SIs bring to the table. The ASIRT Gold Member program focuses on the service and support and ensures the reliability of the SI. Members intend to enrol for the program, will have to follow certain product quality standards and support standards. Once become a part of the program, ASIRT members can charge the customers as per the recommended ASIRT service standard to increase their profitability.

“A lot of SIs offer software, hardware, integration and IT support services. It means that a lot of their customers’ business is depended on them. When it comes to support standards it means response in hours to the customer and by signing up for the program, ASIRT members will commit that to their customers” , Shah added.

The association said that SI members can avail the marketing collaterals from the board and start sending the message to their target audience. “Make a winning decision and choose the ASIRT Gold Member program membership which is live and free to ASIRT members. But what is not free is your commitment to raise the bar within your organization”, Shah added.

ASIRT, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, also announced the formation of five consortiums for better business collaboration among its members. Limesh Parekh, secretary of ASIRT will be heading this project. There will be 14 members in each Consortium and one board member will head each Consortium.

“We will be sending out the links on which members will need to register and provide information about their business and USPs. Members are not eligible to apply unless and until they fill up the form. The applications are opened till April 5 and we will announce the Consortiums on April 10”, Parekh said.

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