Axis Launches Wireless Video Surveillance Solution For SMEs

Axis Communications, a video surveillance solution provider has introduced an all-in-one wireless video surveillance solution for small businesses. The solution includes wireless cameras with different functionalities and form factors, the new Axis Companion Card 64 GB and Axis Companion management software, tailored to meet the needs of small business in regards to monitoring as well as system setup and operation.

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Designed for surveillance cameras and with increased durability and endurance, Axis Companion Card 64 GB features health-monitoring capabilities enabling the SD card to detect and report its current status so that any maintenance, such as replacing the card, can be planned ahead.

“With our all-in-one wireless video surveillance solution for small businesses we respond to strong market demand for an easy to set up and manage security camera system that comes with the quality and reliability that is expected from Axis as the market leader. Small business owners simply do not have the time to fiddle around with a complicated user interface,” said Gilles Ortega, Director Small Business Solutions, Axis Communications.

“We understand that small businesses do not have their premises all wired up with network cables. That is why a wireless solution is very attractive. It removes the need for network cables completely, which is often time consuming and a significant part of the installation cost. It can then be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone on location or remotely over the Internet”, he added.

Axis Companion Dome WV and Axis Companion Cube LW include Axis’ Zipstream technology allowing high quality video to be stored locally on the SD card onboard the. Video is captured in high quality at full HDTV 1080p or 2 Megapixel resolution for clear identification of people and objects. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology allows the cameras to adapt to highly variable lighting conditions such as when sunlight shines through a window and creates both very bright areas as well as dark shadow areas.

Axis Companion Dome WV is a palm-sized dome network camera for discreet ceiling or wall mounting. It features HDMI output for connecting a screen for live viewing. This can be used for example in retail stores to discourage shoplifting.

Axis Companion Cube LW is a handy cube network camera that can be flexibly placed and directed. It offers a 110o horizontal field of view for full coverage of small rooms. It can be corner-mounted, wall-mounted or positioned with a table stand. A motion sensor and infrared LED illumination enable video surveillance monitoring even in the dark. An integrated microphone and speaker allow for audio recording and speaking to the scene.

Axis Companion Dome WV and Axis Companion Cube LW will be available in Q3 2016 through Axis distribution channels.

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