Channel Is Crucial Part Of Tableau’s GTM Strategy In India

Strategy In India

Mumbai: US based Data Visualization and Business Analytics solution provider, Tableau Software is putting a lot of thrust on strengthening its channel ecosystem in India. The company, which operates through direct and indirect channels, said that partners are the crucial component of Tableau’s go to market strategy in the Indian market.

In an exclusive interaction with Channel Times, Deepak Ghodke, Country Manager, Tableau India, explained company’s go to market plans for the indirect business in the country. “We have both direct and indirect channel presence in India and we are heavily focused on the partner ecosystem. Channel forms a very important part of our go to market strategy,” Ghodke said.

In India, Tableau Software engages with OVM partners, resellers, alliance partners, technology partners and ISVs. Apart from that the company also have a direct presence. “Customers want to engage directly with the vendor beyond certain point, so we have a direct presence. In that sense, this is a fairly balanced mix of both the channels,” Ghodke said.

Ghodke said that Tableau intended to leverage the local expertise of regional partners and hence, it works closely with partners focused on specific industry domain to expand their footprints. “The presence of Delhi as a market is very different from Bangalore or Chennai. There are many factors responsible such as local culture, language, types of industries etc. and we very well recognize this difference. We want to make sure that we leverage the local expertise of partners and therefore, we rely on them to engage with customers in terms of services, training and education,” he said.

India is currently among the top 10 big data analytics markets in the world. According to the recent report of NASSCOM, by 2025, the big data analytics sector in India is expected to grow eight folds to $16 billion. Tableau is very excited about the market potential and has unveiled its product roadmap for next three years that include next-gen innovations – in-memory data engine with Hyper, Project Maestro, self-service data prep tool to name a few.

Tableau’s clientele in India include Marico, Infosys, Wipro, Ashok Leyland, Eveready, Blueocean Technologies, Star Health and Allied Insurance, CRIF High Mark and eClerx etc. The company is currently pursuing existing channel programs in the country; however, Ghodke said that as the market expands Tableau might announce new programs.

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