CMDA Pune Conducts GST Seminars To Educate Members

GST Seminars

Mumbai: Computers and Media Dealers Association, CMDA Pune has organized series of GST Seminars from last year to educate members on the new tax regime.

In his keynote session, Anil B. Vakharia, well-known Tax Consultant in Pune who has participated in the think committee of GST Council, gave valuable insights into the GST tax regime and also cleared doubts of the members.

In the latest seminar held on 17th June, Vakharia touched upon various minute but crucial components of GST. He also cleared various misconceptions of people in terms of stock clearance, service tax, input credit and tax computation. He explained the format of invoice with GST bifurcations.

“These series of seminars was a part of our continuous efforts to educate our members and make them GST ready. Since October 2016 we had three consecutive seminars on GST, we have got eminent personalities to educate IT Traders. We have invited all members & non-members along with their staff to take advantage of these events and we have received tremendous response from them. We will have more such seminars in future also,” said Sanjeev Pathare, President of CMDA Pune.

Talking about the preparedness of CMDA members for GST, Pathare said that almost all members completed registration and received ARN and rolling-up the sleeves proactively for rightsizing their stocks and preparing their software on the compliance.

“One has to unlearn previous tax structure and LEARN new tax GST. We have done enough education in that direction. We have informed Vendors to help our members as much as possible for adjusting the stocks so that they would not get any negative financial impact for the stocks,” Pathare said.

The seminar received an overwhelming response from CMDA members and over 230 members benefited by these events, he said.

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