HDS Driving Business Innovation With Channel Partners

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a global provider of data management, mobility and analytics solutions, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, is constantly refreshing its channel strategies that brings to table a bulk of its business. The IT major is now working closely with channel partners in India to create greater value for the customers.

Over the past few years, the company has been transitioning from an infrastructure for enterprise capability to a data company, which manages, governs and accrues data and delves deep to garner visibility to run analytics. It does all of these at an enterprise class mission critical way.

The HDS, channel partner bond:

Hitachi Data Systems works closely with global system partners in India including Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and Tech Mahindra, helping them and their customers successfully transform digitally by providing IoT solutions in the EMEA, APAC and AMER region. Hitachi’s GSI (Global System Integrator) business in India is helping its customers to leverage their IT investments to drive business innovation, competitiveness and growth opportunities.

“The company is moving far beyond from being an infrastructure provider to offering capabilities such as object storage which helps connect vast data,” said, Mike Walkey, Senior Vice President of Global Partner Organization, Hitachi Data Systems.

The company’s technologies are highly applied across banking, retail and healthcare among others.
“For this, GSIs are a critical part of the overall strategy of our business. Together with companies like Tech Mahindra or TCS which also have large operational technology business, we integrate capabilities and work on tech such as predictive maintenance.

HDS and SIs working towards Digital India:

Several Digital India projects are related to some form of IoT business. “We along with our SIs are playing a very critical role in the Digital India project. We are involved in surveillance in the smart city project. The smart city initiative is a big one and our SI partners are actively working with the government on several phases of the project,” said Mike.

Along with SIs, HDS is working on areas not just data but also cloud, be it private, public or hybrid cloud.

“We are looking at aligning our partner strategy which would help the partner and they can in turn support our corporate objectives. This is absolutely core to what we are doing, and we are expanding beyond our infrastructure focused relationships we have,” noted Mike.

The company looks to work closely with the channel partners further to create greater value for the customers.

“While we have been doing good with the SIs on the traditional infrastructure, we are also looking at how we can co-create joint use case based solutions for either specific vertical or for their end customers. We are embarking on that journey with the SIs knowing that the future is on the IT side of the businesses and how we can enhance solutions to get the maximum out of it, so that it can address their set of customers which also means our set of customers,” said, Praveen Sawkar, GSI Head, Hitachi Data Systems

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