How Partners Can Make Money In Document Management Biz

Partners Can Make Money

Mumbai: Organizations focused on research and content creation generate massive amount of data every single day. This data needs comparative study for critical analysis. It is not economically viable to manually compare and analyse this massive information and hence, there is a huge demand for automated software solutions, which can help organizations in documents creation, comparison and conversion. Channel partners have good business prospects in this emerging and unexplored space, where they can provide add on services along with the DMS solutions.

Talking about the potentials in the document management space, Mumbai based system integrator Amir Virani said that there is a high demand for DC solutions in the specific industries such as Law firms, Research organizations and finance companies. Virani, who is Business Development Manager at Prime Infotech India, says that partners can earn handsome money if they study the dynamics of this business.

“There is a growing demand for Document comparison (DC) tools in specific industries such as Law firms, Finance companies and Research organizations. Law firms, specially work on agreements, where multiple people edit the same document. Document comparison tools help them firms to accept and reject the desired changes. Partners can play a major role in providing end to end support to these organizations,” Virani said.

However, he cautioned partners about the long sales cycles. “There are many takers of such solutions in India, but the sales cycle is very high (upto 6 months) in this space. Most of the times, SI don’t have patience to follow for long and hence, they leave the opportunity. Partners need to be patient if they want to be successful in this business,” he said.

Prime Infotech provides productivity enhancement cost effective solutions in Enterprise Document Management, Search, Content Security and Social Media space. The company is a distributor of Work Share software in India. According to Virani, internationally there are more than 10 million users of the software.

Prime Infotech recently closed order of over 200 licences for a law firm in India. The company has also announced to roll out its ‘Partner Referral scheme’. Under the scheme, SIs into hardware and software and services business will get a commission on sharing the list of their customers.

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