ISODA ’17: What’s Exciting Last Year; What’s In Store This Year

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Chennai: Tech vendors and partners are geared up for the Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) Tech Summit 7 to be held at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam between February 16 and 19 2017. The ISODA community has been working tirelessly to on-board technology sponsors, preparing the agenda, maximizing participation and creating a buzz around the event.

Channel Times would like to highlight the milestones of the association in the year 2016. Here are the 9 key happenings of the association during the 2016 calendar year.

1. The ISODA Tech Summit 7 was conducted in 2016 at Langkawi.
2. The AGM and a new MC was elected for the Association and will lead for the next two years.
3. There were 7 regional events and more than 10 new members have joined hands with ISODA.
4. A new chapter for Pune was formed during the month of March.
5. ISODA launched a fantastic platform for staying connected to the community in the form of a newsletter called ISODAInterconnect along with regular media exposure.
6. ISODA has partnered with technical events like BE Summits on IOT and CEBIT B2B trade event for the IT & ICT industry in December.
7. ISODA moved from being a mere networking platform to a platform for opportunity sharing and competition.
8. The community continued to represent at various Government and other agencies of interest.
9. Many ISODA partners came up with packaged solutions that won national and international recognition

TechSummit 7 promises to bring in some very new alliance opportunities and also strengthen the existing ones. Apart from the promise of being technology and content driven, the TechSummit additionally will give technology vendors more opportunities to be continually in touch with ISODA members post the event as well.

“ISODA TechSummit 7 will be engrossing and entertaining and at the same time give every participant and technology vendor an opportunity to analyse, discuss and strike alliances,” said Rajeev Mamidanna – Chairman of ISODA TechSummit 7.

The strong foundation of any event of such stature is the agenda and the opportunity for networking. And Tech Summit 7 promises to have strengths in both.

“While the sponsors present on a myriad of technologies, there will be sessions on life coaching, how to be a successful entrepreneur yet spend time on passion and sharing of experiences that make successful businesses. There is in fact a whole day of activities built into the agenda that will be out of the hotel and will give all participating members a good chance to spend some quality time with the technology sponsors,” Mamidanna said.

Manish Goenka, Director ICONS Infocom said, “I have been waiting eagerly for TechSummit 7. After a successful TechSummit 6 at Langkawi, the expectations from the group are even higher this time. Of what I understand till now, it looks like a great agenda. I am actually very interested to hear from quite a lot of new vendors and hence I am excited at the prospects of new alliances.”

ISODA members also vie for the ISODA excellence awards that are given away during the TechSummit.

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