ISODA Conducts Regional Meets In Mumbai, Chennai

Regional Meets

Chennai: Leading software dealers forum ISODA organized its regional meeting for South in Chennai. The meeting was led by regional secretary, N K Mehta.

The objective of the meeting was to have an understanding of the current opportunities and challenges in IT channel business and how to make regional meets more meaningful and engaging.

For example, the Chennai chapter plans to meet once a month for knowledge sharing on topics such as Taxation, TDS, Best HR practices and Leadership.

“It was encouraging and we got a chance to discuss and brainstorm on topics like how to deal with payment delays and customers with poor payment history,’ said Mehta.

In October, Mumbai ISODA Chapter too had its networking event led by regional secretary Vimesh Avanli, which witnessed an overwhelming response from ISODA members. At the event, Kuntal Joisher, the guest speaker shared his expeditions of climbing the Mt Everest.

The internal session was opened by Secretary, Dnyanesh Kulkarni who discussed the ongoing work and development for the coming months. The ISODA future plans and workability of ISODA Management committee in last two months were discussed.

Rajeev Mamidanna, VP, ISODA responded to questions. Tushar Parekh, Vice Chairman’s proposal to organize eight regional meets instead of four was unanimously accepted at the event.

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