Kerala IT Firm Offers Virtual CIO Advisory Services To Enterprises

Advisory services

Technology Veteran Suresh Kumar is helping businesses transform their IT and digital infrastructure through Virtual CIO advisory services. In other words his IT consultancy firm Skybertech is transforming many companies across Kerala that can’t afford a full time CIO and for those who are really need a professional IT person for adopting new technology in improving their business. Kumar hails from Kerala and has over two decades of experience in companies such as Muthoot, Marikkar, Chemmanur among others.

When asked about the acceptance for the concept ‘Virtual CIO’ in a state like Kerala, Kumar quips. “I started of this concept understanding the gap in the market for people with techno functional knowledge. Also in Kerala market very few companies maintained a position of CIO in their organizations. As we render the services of a full time CIO at a fraction of cost and our techno functional expertise helped us to attain a quick acceptance in Kerala market.”

“Within one and half year from inception we are now rendering our service to over more than 40 large and mediocre companies across Kerala which itself is a proof for our acceptance,” he added.

While cost is one reason for enterprises to refrain from appointing a full time CIO, Kumar points out another major reason is that they do not understand the importance of IT and its importance in the current era and the deliverable of a CIO in an organization.

The company is now catering to all major industries in Kerala like Financial companies, NBFC, jewelry, tourism, hospital, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, textile, automobile, IT, education, trading, Entertainment and agriculture. We look forward entering into entertainment and media industry.

When asked what are the key challenges the company faces in getting new clients as well as established clients, Kumar says, “Lack of knowledge regards IT and its importance to the Management is one major challenge which we face in getting new clients. Management is not aware about the importance of business information and importance of safeguarding it in the right manner. Lack of professional, dependable service providers (software/hardware) is one major challenge we face in Kerala market.”

On the key IT trends Kumar mentions, “Currently enterprises are moving more to cloud data storage. Enterprises have started viewing positively to standard ERP’s such as SAP, Dynamics. Senior Management staffs tend to run their operations mobile based or tab based applications.”

With IT now becoming an integral part of business, Skybertech is educating businesses that major part of expenses accounted under IT is actually not direct IT expense. They would be some implementation or enhancement done to aid another department.

“We connect all enhancements done by an IT department to financial terms by which management is able to understand financial benefits achieved through each tasks done by IT,” he concludes.

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