Microsoft To Expand Its Surface Enterprise Partner Ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

Mumbai: Microsoft is looking to expand its partner ecosystem under its Surface Enterprise Initiative and Surface-as-a-service campaign.

Microsoft in its blog post said that the company would continue to look for partners who want to be a part of the greater Surface ecosystem and are interested in procuring their devices via Surface as a Service.

“We have made it our mission to partner with the best in the industry to create the Surface ecosystem together. We continue to look for partners who want to be a part of the greater Surface ecosystem”, the blog said.

Microsoft launched the Surface Enterprise Initiative in September 2015, to boost the adoption of Windows 10 among large businesses worldwide. The company collaborated with Dell to provide global procurement capabilities to Surface customers. In July, Microsoft tied up with IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton for specific application and solutions development.

The company has grown its purchasing and deployment partner footprint from 200 to more than 10,000 partners worldwide in the channel in last one year. Microsoft has also created a multi-national purchasing program for resellers.

Microsoft now intends to expand the Surface Enterprise Initiative to enable partners worldwide, to provide services and support capabilities for Surface. Microsoft will invest in four primary services and support areas for Surface, including configuration and deployment services, replacement and exchange services, logistics and warehousing services, and next generation services and support, the blog post said.

“There is fertile ground to be explored in this area, and we are excited to work with and through partners worldwide to create the next generation services and support capabilities”, the blog post added.

Surface-as-a-Service enables business customers to pay monthly to lease certain Surface devices, accessories, software, services, and support. Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners who are Surface Authorized Distributors and Resellers are the ones authorized to sell Surface as a Service. In India, Frontier Business systems, Orient Technologies, Team Computers and Zones India are the authorized resellers of Surface.

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