FAITA Plans For A Nation-Wide Bundh On Dec. 15


New Delhi, Dec 11: The Federation of All India IT Associations (FAITA) has planned for a nation wide bundh by the channel partners and is seeking support from the regional associations to go ahead with it.

The fate of the bundh will be decided on the support that it receives. This comes after a two-week deadline by the FAITA to the vendors and a series of dialogues with the brand owners.

In an attempt to garner support, FAITA hasn’t sent any official mail to the regional associations it has been spreading the message through various WhatsApp groups of the channel partners. Even purchase ban on IT products is also planned, but products of brand owners, who have successfully seized predatory prices will be spared from it.

According to the message from FAITA, “There have been futile attempts by brand owners to bring regulation through authorization to sell online and usage of logo under the Trademark Act of the country. Multiple rounds of discussions with representatives of brand owners both at regional and national level have been unsuccessful in devising within the legal frame work of the country a strategy to nip the unfair trade practice of predatory prices.”

“In absence of expected reprieve through principal brand owners from humongous suffering of business credibility and monetary losses, IT channel partners are deeply hurt, demotivated and left with feeling of being cheated at the hands opportunistic strategies,” it added.

It also said that FAITA had decided to start protest from Dec. 15, wherein they will be banning the purchase of all IT products from brand owners who haven’t taken steps to curb unfair trading practices. “In light of above we a Federation of All India IT Associations has announced their protest from Dec. 15 against brand owners’ inability to stop the predatory price regime of e-market place. During this period, purchase of all IT products from National Distributors of brand owners is banned. Channel partners will sell items by matching Internet prices. Debit notes will be raised on National Distributors for the price differential.”

The mail claimed that 25,000 channel partners in the country have voluntarily agreed to participate in this unprecedented IT distribution. However, there has not been any such official statements from the regional-level

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