Online Resellers Need Strong Data & Privacy Protection Practices

Strong Data & Privacy

Mumbai: In a complex security landscape, everybody is on a radar of cyber criminals. It is a misconception that cyber crooks target only big establishment and corporate houses. Small businessmen having a prominent online presence, such as online resellers are equally vulnerable to targetted cyber attacks. Channel partners deal with a large scale of customers on a daily basis, similarly, they are closely associated with their respective vendors. As a result, resellers have now emerged as a prime target of hackers. Therefore, it is a need of an hour for channel partners to have a robust security measures and privacy protection to protect their business operations from the ‘bad’ guys’.

A new survey conducted in the US reveals that the majority of U.S. consumers will think twice about shopping at a retail store that was a victim of a cyber-attack. The study, commissioned by Arbor Networks, finds that consumers are holding businesses to a high standard to protect their personal information during online transactions. These findings are a wake-up call for retailers who are yet thinking about their security architecture that ensures their customers’ online safety while shopping.

Various studies have indicated a rise in cyber attacks on the booming E Commerce marketplaces in India. According to the report by security solution provider Symantec, Suckfly, an advanced cyber espionage group conducted long term espionage campaigns against prominent E Commerce marketplaces. Security solution provider partners can help resellers to frame their security policies in a big way. They can help with a range of products and services that include adding distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack protection and installing security information and event management (SIEM) monitoring, along with the basics such as firewalls and spam filters. Cyber security-as-a-service is the emerging segment in the cyber space, where resellers can avail professional services from MSSPs to protect their customers data.

Though the survey is not directly connected to India, the results are pertinent to the Indian retail business. India, which has seen an exponential growth in its E Commerce sector, is vulnerable to targeted cyber attacks. However, as far as the cyber security awareness is concerned, Indian customers and online reseller partners are still not well-verse with the cyber security measurements to avert such sophisticated attacks. hence, there is a huge scope for improvement in terms of cyber security awareness in the reseller channel community in the country.

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