Samsung Expands Alliance Program To Bring SIs On Board

Alliance Program

Mumbai: Samsung Electronics has announced an expansion of its vertical mobility solutions program i. e. the Samsung Alliance Program to bring system integrator partners on board and leverage their expertise to win the enterprise business. The program which was launched seven years ago was majorly focused on ISV partners, but now with the expansion of the program the company intends to work more closely with SI partners.

“More than 300 ISVs are now part of the program, and the expansion of the Alliance Program will also provide improved benefits for ISVs”, Jim Heesacker, vice president of strategic alliances at Samsung Business told CRN. (Click here to read full story)

“While Samsung has been informally working with systems integrators as well, the addition of systems integrators to the Alliance Program adds a framework to the process. This has given us a level of organization and framework to evaluate partnerships on the front end, and spend more time figuring out, what are the gaps we’re trying to address in the marketplace,” Heesacker said.

While ISVs in the Samsung Alliance Program fall into silver, gold or platinum tiers, systems integrators in the program will set expectations and benefits through negotiations with Samsung, Heesacker said. Samsung is open to bringing aboard additional SIs to join the program, Heesacker noted.

The expectation going forward is that Samsung and its systems integrator partners will work more closely on proposing solutions to customers, Heesacker said. Businesses today are expecting increasingly complex, end-to-end solutions, which necessitates working with partners that have vertical expertise, he said.

“For us to continue to be successful, we need some partners that will take us beyond our own capabilities. Our customers demand and require that,” Heesacker said.

Meanwhile, Samsung is also adding large technology vendors to its Alliance Program, and is enhancing certain benefits for ISVs. Those benefits for ISVs include quick access to Samsung teams, early access to Samsung products (for testing prior to market launch) and off-loading of certain services, such as support calls, the CRN report noted.

Samsung has a substantial partner base in India. 3Frames Software Labs Pvt Ltd, 42Gears Mobility Systems Private Limited, AB Innovative Software Private Limited, Access Computech Pvt Ltd, Advantal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., AEVUS Lifestyles Private Limited etc are some of the prominent enterprise partners of the company focused in Healthcare, Retail & hospitality, Transportation & logistics and Government sector.

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