Security As A Service Can Bring Recurring Revenue To Partners


InstaSafe, a Bengaluru based security leader offer products that ensure that organisations can quickly connect with confidence multiple devices to their applications, across a variety of cloud configurations, without new hardware. By providing security in a service model, the company assures recurring revenue for channel partners. In an exclusive chat for Channel Times,
Sandip Kumar Panda, CEO, InstaSafe, shares how partners can multiply their revenue through service model.

Channel Times: How successful is Security-as-a-service for channel partners?
 It is going to be one of the most lucrative business model, as SAAS brings in a lot
of flexibility while low on support issues, that helps reduced cost for the channel

Channel Times: What are the key areas of revenue for partner organizations when it
comes to security-as-a-service?
 Channel partners as MSP can offer the SAAS offerings to their customer for a
recurring revenue model. This not only helps them increase their bottom line
revenue but also reduces operational and support cost, thus making it a highly
profitable business model.

Channel Times: Many channel partners still feel that cloud adoption in security might
take their business out of their hand. How do you justify this aspect?
 As said before, cloud adoption by customers are inevitable, as we see from O365,
Adobe to SAP, Oracle moving into the cloud, customers are bound to move to cloud
too. Having said that, the security as a services model of security certainly helps
them make more revenue with less cost. Thus, the aspect of thinking that cloud
adoption will reduce their business is not true.

Channel Times: Traditional security firms have their physical data within the perimeter
of the datacenter, where, the CIO or the partner can have complete control over updates and modifications. Don’t you think, moving completely on cloud can impact the productivity?
 In fact cloud security helps in reducing the layers of updating and modifications
needed, as it updates in realtime for any breakouts due to its architecture and
keeps any new malware in check faster than the traditional security solution that
needs to be updated at client side or at endpoints and servers either by manually
or through automatic update mode. Also, the traditional security too depends on
the cloud to update itself.

Channel Times: What are the unique aspects of your product?
 InstaSafe, brings about a paradigm shift in the way secure remote access is delivered,
by leveraging the power of the cloud. Businesses require their employees to be
Omni-productive and their applications to be Omni-present, yet keep them secure.
Traditionally, VPN based remote access solutions are focused on an exorbitant Capex
budget to buy legacy appliances and service contracts, not to mention the need for
highly trained IT personnel. InstaSafe changes it all, with its simple, elastic & flexible
secure access solution, that
● enables risk reduction by reducing the attack surface and therefore the exposure
to cyber attacks
● protects critical assets/infrastructures by separating the access control and data
planes to render them ‘black’ and blocking potential network-based attacks
● provides an integrated security architecture that is hard to achieve today with the
various security point products. It integrates:
○ Applications that are user-aware
○ Devices that are client-aware
○ Firewalls/Gateways that are network-aware

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