Telenor India Supports ‘Stop Cyberbullying Day 2016’

Telenor India and Telenor Group today reinforced their internet safety goals with support for Stop Cyberbullying Day 2016, an international awareness day that aims to reduce cyberbullying globally. With an estimated half billion youth in Telenor Asia’s markets of Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Thailand accessing the internet for the first time in the next five years, Telenor hopes to educate young users on the benefits of connectivity, as well as how to navigate online threats.

Cyberbullying refers to electronic communication used for the purpose of bullying. With 92 percent of parents in India fearful that their children will be cyberbullying victims, education is becoming increasingly key to mitigate growing online abuses rates. Launched by Cybersmile Foundation, Stop Cyberbullying Day utilizes social media to spread an anti-cyberbullying message with the #SCD2016 hashtag. In 2015, the movement engaged 45 million people, and this year Telenor hopes to help them exceed that number.

“Telenor is dedicated to increasing internet safety for all, with an emphasis on youth,” said Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor India. “Stop Cyberbullying Day 2016 is a progressive initiative that seeks to address online bullying. With an estimated 100 million young people to come online in Telenor’s Asia markets by 2017, creating awareness around this topic is an important part of our efforts to actively reduce cyberbullying levels.”

Be Smart Use Heart is Telenor’s symbol for initiatives across its global markets directed towards school-age children and their parents addressing cyberbullying. The programs provide information and tools to help children and parents cope with bullying online and address linked issues such as how to stay safe online and how to keep a mobile device secure.

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