The Most Important Human Resources MBA Subjects You Need to Master

Business Management

However, the answer is not what you think. It is the Human Resource department that acts as the backbone of any organization. From streamlining the policies to taking care of employee engagement and satisfaction, this department does it all. Thus, serving as the most critical part of any organisation.

Owing to its fast speeding growth and popularity, every year thousands of students opt for this MBA degree to carve the path for their future.
Through MBA subjects, students gain in-depth knowledge about the industry and learn how to tackle risks and problems that are a part of everyday life in a business environment. Here are some of the most important MBA subjects that one needs to master to become a thorough professional.

Recruitment & Selection 
One of the most important tasks of an HR professional is to recruit the right talent while keeping in mind the company’s future. While serving as the face of the organisation, an HR professional communicates with candidates that are suited for the company. They go through an extensive process of hiring to onboarding the right and hardworking candidates. Their job doesn’t end after recruitment; they need to make the candidate go through a smooth hiring process and onboarding too.

Payroll Management or Compensation and Benefits
This is another crucial job role of a human resource professional. Payroll is an essential part of any organisation. The professionals in the payroll department are not just responsible for employees’ salary, but they also play a vigorous role in shielding the company’s reputation and name by warranting compliance with various legislations.

Organizational Development and Change 
Change is constant and can be simply termed as a thread woven into the fabric of both professional and personal lives. Organisational Development (OD) is an important MBA subject that addresses change and how it affects both the employees and the organisation. Operative organisational development can back individuals and organisations to manage with the change. Policies can be established to introduce strategic changes, such as team-bonding efforts, to advance organisational functioning.

Performance Management 
Annual appraisal is what all employees wait for eagerly. This MBA subject teaches the intricacies of how to carry out a smooth performance management process. From appraisals to ratings and everything in between, an HR professional needs to be a part of every small process of the organization.

Business Ethics
The business ethics MBA subject offers an introduction into the concept of cultural beliefs, values as well as morality. This subject also teaches about business areas from corporate social responsibility to consumer rights. Decisions made by upper management may affect individuals or an entire community. Customers today expect and demand transparency, integrity, and honesty in all levels. Valuing and understanding their prospects are the keys to collaborating behaviour and core values not only to employees but to the society as well.

Take Your Steps Towards Being an HR professional
To shine like a star in your human resource career, you need to master the intricates of the profile during the course. Choose the best college or university to give your career the required edge over others. Universities like UPES offer admission through UPES Management Entrance Test (UPESMET) and national level tests as well. MBA in Human Resources Management through such universities will make you industry ready while instilling the knick-knacks of the business world. The university has also been awarded QS Five StarsTM – Global Rating for Employability, and it is also the first Indian university to be awarded this honour.

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