Unistal Launches Summer Scheme For Partners Selling Protegent

Partners Selling Protegent

Bengaluru: Unistal’s Protegent is an antivirus which comes with inbuilt proactive data recovery software. The antivirus is being used by end users across India and abroad as well. The company has brought out ‘Cool Summer Offer’ for Protegent resellers in the month of April 2017.

Protegent Enterprise Security features three efficient components to keep users safe from Information Security Breach. It includes Activity Reporter for comprehensive reporting with alerts regarding activities of employees in enterprise through a single management console, data leakage prevention to avoid data leakage possibilities and asset tracking to tag and track all the software and hardware assets.

This time, the antivirus solution provider is offering Protegent resellers a wonderful opportunity with its Cool Summer Offer of ‘BUY 4 GET 4’. As a part of this offer, the resellers will be entitled four gifts which includes a backpack, wrist watch, pen drive and a cordless mouse on purchase of four Protegent products. The offer is valid from April 1 to 30, 2017 and should be purchased from Unistal’s authorized partner.

Under the scheme, the rreseller has to buy Protegent Antivirus 10 user, Protegent Total Security 5 user, Protegent Complete Security 5 user, Protegent Complete Security 1 user packs. For which, the reseller would be offered 4 gifts in lieu of their purchase of bag packs, wrist watches, 16 GB pen drives and cordless mouse.

Protegent claims to be the world’s only antivirus which comes with an
inbuilt proactive data recovery software. Protegent does not only provide protection from viruses but also recovers and restore lost, deleted and formatted data from the system. Speaking to the Channel Times, Alok Gupta, CEO, Unistal, said, “We would like to have partners across the country selling our products by the end of June. That way we will be having more than 5000 direct resellers for our products and more than 250 franchisee partners providing our data recovery services.”

Interested partners seeking further details can get in touch with the team at:

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