Webscale Believes In Empowering Partners: CEO

Empowering Partners

Web has already transformed the way businesses are done and Silicon Valley based company, Webscale Networks, a cloud web application delivery and control provider, is setting new standards for the web facing businesses.

In an exclusive interaction with Channel Times, Sonal Puri, Chief Executive Officer, Webscale Networks emphasized, “we have recently launched our channel program, wherein there are some referral partner programs and reseller programs, this way our channel program has been big for a while. Even my career journey started in channel. I am a huge believer in working with partners as long as there is a value for the partners to work with us. Just putting something on someone else’s paper and running a channel program for the sake of it is not interesting, it has to be meaningful.”

“Webscale plans to invest heavily in the APAC e-commerce market and is bringing on cloud provider partners that want its technology stack to allow them to compete with the players in cloud services like AWS,” she added.

The company has reseller programs through which the resellers offers its services to their customers either under Webscale’s brand name or their own brand name.

Webscale’s major partners include cloud providers and managed consulting companies who does cloud migration or cloud integration for large “we have hundreds of cloud providers who want to compete with AWS, but they cannot do it today as they do not have the tool sets, they only have the infrastructure but AWS has several other services. We can give them a handful of services, like auto-scaling, load balancing, ADC and WASP that allow them to compete with AWS. We can build our system into any cloud as we are cloud agnostic. We can support Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace you name it we can support that cloud,” she said.

Webscale believes in empowering partners, “it is not feasible for a technology company like us to build offices in every corner of the world. Instead of us having to hire a huge set of people, it always makes sense to partner with channels as they have established local relations on the ground,” she explained.

In her opinion, the company has no ego around its channel program and partners are free to use Webscale logo, our white label as long as it generates good margins. The company provides training videos and the same training videos are used for partner, customers or for anyone who wants to understand how things are done at webscale.

“We put everything on YouTube and its all public. The company’s IP is in its control play, and that is the brains of what we do, that is not something that we talk to everybody. We are very public as a company and we don’t have any secrets,” Puri shared.

The company took off in 2013 and marked its presence in India only one year later in 2014. Today, the customer count has reached 70, while 300 store fronts globally runs on its platform. Bengaluru houses its second largest office and is a significant sales and support office.

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