5 Promising Technologies For Channel Partners To Explore In 2017


The PC, server and storage business ruled the IT channels for decades. However, with the growing significance of software driven business, the hardware is industry is not fetching the desirable returns to partners. Hence, the traditional hardware partners are gradually making a shift towards the software and services industry. Cloud, security, data management, collaboration technologies are some of the fields where partners are already heading successful business. However, there are certain niche areas which has a very promising future in 2017. Partners are already these technology domains, however they will go more deep with these disruptive tech forces in 2017.

Here are five technological areas partners will get into in a big way in 2017.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a buzz word in the industry. In fact, all the major tech companies such as Cisco, Intel, Microsoft etc. are specializing in components, networking, security and building automation technology. IoT vendors are also collaborating with their partners having expertise in the networking, security and data management domain to decide their IoT roadmap. Partners can play a major role in solving the specific business issues of their customers by offering smart solutions. As there is an exchange of huge digital data through an ecosystem of connected devices, partners can also become an consultant to customers to decide the security architecture in the organization. Channel partners can play a huge role in the verticalization and the customization and in the system integration and delivery of industry specific solutions.

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Voice Recognition

Partners, who want to expand their horizon, can look at Voice Recognition has a next big growth area on which all the major tech vendors are currently betting on. Amazon Web Services (AWS) who has announced big growth plans in the AI, IoT and voice recognition space is looking to incorporate its channel deeply to head the next big growth plans. Voice recognition is comparatively new technology, but it is highly relevant to sectors such as retail, BFSI Aviation etc. AWS is interested in spreading Alexa beyond its lineup of speakers, hence the company has announced channel initiatives to build its partners capabilities around the technology.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) are the two new growth areas for partners and IT vendors, which is expected to gain huge traction in the coming years. There is a huge demand of VR solutions in the sectors such as gaming, education, retails etc. Similarly, AR solutions are also seeing a gradual adoption the specific industries like real estate. This is yet another area which may attract partners in 2017.

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Messaging Apps & E Wallets

Gone are the days when messaging apps were largely considered as the only modes of informal communication. But not messaging apps are becoming one of the modes of Corporate communication. Similarly, after the demonetization, the significance and adoption of e wallets have seen a sudden surge in India. Partners can explore both the field where they can involve in developing such apps or tie up with developers for the security solutions for such online platforms.

Block chain Technology

Block chain technology is a relatively new concept and rapidly growing industry. Block chain came into the spotlight in 2009 after the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched. But the technology has a variety of other applications and, as the youth market grows, there will be more opportunities surrounding it. Many partners still see the block chain as relevant only in cryptocurrency, but it can provide big advantages to their customers, and give partners a head start on the competition.

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