Data Management: Next Big Growth Prospect For IT Channel

Mumbai: In the era of digitization, data has become the most valuable asset for organizations. It is a Herculean tasks for organizations to manage a massive amount of unstructured data and find out leads for the sorted information. Big data analytics are no more the new term in the industry. In fact, businesses across the industry domains are leveraging BI in a big way to carve out best marketing strategies. Data management and analytics are also emerging as a promising business for channel partners. However, there is a lack of dedicated efforts from Solution provider (SPs) partners as well as big data companies to explore this emerging field to the fullest.

As the amount of data that organization needs to manage grows exponentially, the majority of IT organizations are in the midst of crafting a new data management strategy. According to the survey conducted by 451 Research on behalf of Blazent, most enterprises face a challenge with the quality of the data that is collected. The data quality affects organizations’ revenue and costs as a result, enterprises are now looking for new data quality management (DQM) tools.

The survey also suggests that most IT organizations are now making data quality a priority because they want to advance machine-learning projects that have the potential to finally turn all the data they collect into a strategic business asset.

As per industry estimates, more than two-thirds of all IT revenue flow through indirect channels and transactions between vendors and channel partners and end customers generate a massive amounts of data. Despite this, very few companies are tapping their channel data full potential.
Solution providers can help organizations in the data management in a big way as SPs have a lot of market insights. SPs, with the help of vendors can also develop customized tools for customers and provide them specialized data management services.

Secondly, data management is a need for organization of any size, however, it is not possible for vendors to reach out to small and medium scale organization through their direct sales teams. Here, channel partners can help vendors to reach out to new customers and help them in the entire process of data management. SPs can also help solve specific challenges regarding BI that is taxing organizations and have a direct impact on their revenue and costs.

Even though at a slow pace, industry leaders are making significant changes to their sales and marketing organizations and partner programs to enable data-driven channel management. Enterprises are also exploring models such as Channel Data Management (CDM), which is essentially an outsourced service that takes crucial sales data from Partners, analyzes it to gain a more accurate view of channel management which in turn enables them to make better strategic decisions.

Like cloud computing, data management is emerging as a revenue generating field for channel partners, where partners having expertise in cloud and data security and protection can explore themselves. However, it is very important to gain domain knowledge as the data management is a vast field having various components in it.

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