Top 3 Cyber-Security Tactics MSPs Should Consider


Bengaluru: For any businesses, big or small, cyber-security rings on top of the minds of the C-Suite. When an organization looks for cyber-threat protection be it for infrastructure or servers or on-premises, third-party hosting, public cloud, and/or hybrid installations, they would look for sellers who can give them the best solution.

Several MSPs playing in the cyber-security domain lack certain traits which block them from building a profitable business. In order to succeed, there are three imperative considerations MSPs should keep in mind:

1. The importance of standardization:
MSPs who look forward to increased ROI and good profit margins, must set a standard for the array of products and services. This will help increase efficiency.

MSPs should aim at constant innovation as this one of the major techniques to convert customers. This not only assures the customer that an MSP is the most approachable point of contact but also a trusted guard to the most sensitive data.

2. More emphasis on training:
Many MSPs including both new-age and traditional does not delved deep into cyber-security as a thriving core competency. Thus, they do not lay the required emphasis on training the sellers to address the customer concern which results in lost and abandoned deals.

To compete and stay relevant in the market, they should aim to become one of those MSPs who is ready to face the security conversation head-on and partner with security specialists.

3. Selecting the right partner: 
Selecting the right partner is key to realizing the above mentioned resolutions. There are thousands of security vendors and managed security service providers (MSSPs). To select the best MSP in the market today, the parameters should be clear.

They should have scalable security framework and should possess a willingness to invest in sales and marketing team equipped in technical know-how.

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