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How Software Asset Management Helps Maintain Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

By Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India Pvt. Ltd.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an effective tool of IT infrastructure that plays the dual role of optimizing software investments and managing expenses of an organization. SAM is useful in discovering the resources the organization has, the applicability and proper utilization of these resources and to identify if there is any redundancy. Implementing an effective SAM program helps mitigate the waste involved in buying software that isn’t really required as well as the risk of running unsupported or unlicensed software. Organizations can run more efficiently when operational risk is managed effectively with SAM. SAM provides organizations with a competitive edge by helping them gauge budget estimates and in understanding the potential benefits of IT projects.

Organizations depending on IT operations for smooth and efficient functioning are aware of the challenges involved in managing software on a large scale. SAM helps such organization to achieve a stronger financial position by reducing business risks. It also enables to make the most of the existing resources and helps in expanding operations by increasing flexibility and agility.

Setting up a steady financial position
SAM helps in the management of tangible expenditure of software as well as the intangible expenditure of IT administration. Understanding the specific needs of the organization SAM helps in providing best licensing plan while offering effective IT forecasts. SAM increases efficiency of operations by integrating IT with software asset tracking. This helps in automation of manual processes and prepares the organization for upgrading, in turn minimizing support costs.
SAM is very useful in supporting business development and dealing with legal issues that may arise due to improper software deployment. SAM is essential to recognize probable security threats and also raises awareness about the latest trends in software technology. It also enables the organization to abide with standards and government regulations.

Optimal utilization of IT resources 
SAM helps organizations in exploiting the maximum potential of the existing software investments by minimizing redundancy, standardizing processes, and providing the required IT tools to employees. SAM enables a much better understanding of the current state and future software requirements. Knowledge of the software requirements and business uses and needs enables organization to experiment with the investments of software resources. This lets organizations take advantage of spread payments and price benefits associated with bulk procurement of software.

Steady base for expansion 
Organizations require IT infrastructure that expands with the growth of the company. SAM by effectively optimizing current resources provides a strong, expandable groundwork for business growth. Up-to-date, accurate licensing and an extensive, broad perspective of the business software will lead to quicker, tactical and easier mergers and acquisitions. SAM by developing an in-depth analysis of the existing architectures, platforms and systems will centralize software functionality. This is in turn will enable the organization to obtain key objectives including scaling up and scaling down to meet demand, resulting in a faster time-to-market.

Role of SAM Optimization Model in Infrastructure Optimization
The objective of Infrastructure Optimization (IO) is to develop a competent, protected, and maximized IT infrastructure. IO enables organizations to recognize and shift to a protected, well-supervised and versatile IT infrastructure that helps cut down expenses and make IT a strategic asset for the business.

The implementation of IO is a four-step process that can transform the organization from an undisciplined, reactive position to a practical, optimized, and dynamic state. SAM is a crucial element in IO that can help organization to control the utilization of its IT assets.

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