Socomec Denies Rumors About Home Segment Entry

Home Segment Entry

Chennai, Dec 4: Socomec, one of the leading players in the power solutions, has been creating a buzz among the channel partners and their competitors in the power solutions business amidst reports of a declining marketshare resulting in a shift in business segment.

When contacted by ‘Channel Times, the company clarified that rumors of Socomec losing marketshare in the high-end power solutions were completely misplaced and that it had no intention of chasing the home users and other offline power solutions including home UPS, batteries etc.

Arunabh Ghosh, Channel Head at Socomec Innovative Power solutions, said “The home segment is mostly addressed by UPS power range from 600 VA to 1000VA. Presently we have NeTYS PE UPS product which goes well into this market.”

The company is quite satisfied with the movement of this product in this segment through their existing channel network and therefore “we are not aggressively pushing or introducing more products in near future for the home segment,” he said.

More than box pushing, Socomec always relies on providing efficient and effective solutions to the end customer through channel partners across the country, he concluded while reiterating that all talk of declining marketshare and a shift in focus away from enterprise solutions were just rumors.

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