Email Backup, Archiving: New Revenue Stream For Partners

Stream For Partners

Email is the most important component of the Corporate Communication and hold significance as evidence in the legal matters. Email is a widely accepted platform for sharing the mission critical information and critical data, hence, it needs to be secured and preserved for future references. While organizations do opt for solutions for email security, how many of them consider backup and archiving for decade old emails?

Many of us may not find the idea of email archiving mission critical but the recent ransomware attacks and data breach incidents have highlighted the significance of backup. Mumbai based software company DigitalGlue understands the need for email backup and hence, it has come up with a solution called MailVault, a standalone email archival product, compatible with any standards based email server. One of its kinds, MailVault is an easy to use backup and restores mechanism for the entire organization’s email.

“Every company does business over email. In today’s age of ransomware, virus threats and the need for compliance, keeping an organization’s email securely backed up and archived, is a big challenge for an organization and at the same time it is a big opportunity for us”, says Sharad Popli, founder of DigitalGlue.

MailVault also offers benefits such as security and compliance, and corporate messaging surveillance. It creates a secure, central backup of an organization’s entire email, to be retained over a long term. The archive is searchable and can be used for discovery, compliance and monitoring. The most important feature is that it runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, and can be deployed on premise and on the cloud.

Simple to use and maintain, MailVault has excellent resource utilization and a low cost of ownership. Popli says that MailVault, with its universal applicability, competitive pricing can help partners to increase their revenue and expand their customer base.

Founded in 2006, DigitalGlue is an internet solution provider company specializes in bringing innovative and cost effective solutions in the space of backup and archiving. It also offers consultancy and software development services. The company has recently launched SkyStore, a managed cloud backup service for email. DigitalGlue will soon announce the launch of Service Provider Edition of MailVault, which will allow partners to setup and run MailVault on their own infrastructure, and offer a managed email archival service to their customers.

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