InstaSafe Offers Secure Platform for Remote Business Users

Cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provider, InstaSafe is offering a secure platform that increases the productivity of organizations with its ability to connect remote users, vendors and contractors to work securely from any device or location.

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe and India has led to a growing concern among employees as well as HR departments for managing and maintaining sanity at work places, and ensuring seamless business operations. In such difficult times, it becomes paramount for organizations to discover innovative ways to boost employee morale and productivity while keeping the COVID-19 at distance, and actively allowing employees the work from home (WFH) option.

The work from home sounds like a great business model in the prevailing circumstances, however majority of Indian working environments are woefully inadequate in dealing with an unprecedented rise in WFH requests, and efficiently managing and monitoring employee productivity.

The disruptive technological innovation such as InstaSafe’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) or SDP (Software Defined Perimeter Security) solutions empower organizations to allow employees to work from home, while keeping a close check on the employees working time and productivity with ease, the company believes.

For example, InstaSafe’s ZTNA Solution is designed to work effectively for such scenarios, with the rapid adoption of the cloud effectively dissolving traditional network perimeters. InstaSafe Secure Access allows the employees to access the applications remotely with ease and convenience, while allowing the security or network admin to have a bird’s eye view of all the users in the network with granular management of application access as well as time logs to monitor user productivity.

“Given the rising threats from an impending pandemic, InstaSafe’s endeavor remains to continue supporting its customers in ensuring seamless business operations, and securing the perimeters of every organization (in need) to the best of our capabilities.” InstaSafe CEO Sandip Panda said.

“With InstaSafe Zero Trust Application Access, we hope to support the organizations to deal with the unprecedented uptake in employees who now work from home, and work seamlessly without straining your organization’s remote access capabilities,” he added.

With its easy to deploy solution, InstaSafe can be administered (user onboarding and allow access policies) from a central management console by the admin with ease and speed, thus eliminating the challenges of complexity of network access.

“For organizations exploring the WFH option for their employees in such testing times, our team is committed to help them with InstaSafe’s easy-to-install solution that allows the freedom to work from home for employees while contributing towards containing the global outbreak of COVID-19,” summed up Panda.

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