Smart Intros New Interactive Whiteboard System

Whiteboard System

Smart Technologies has launched a new interactive whiteboard system – the Smart Board 685ix. The fully integrated system features wall-mounted, ultra-short-throw UX60 widescreen projector with a 16:10 aspect ratio and WXGA resolution (1280×800).

The UX60 projector uses Texas Instrument’s DLP Brilliant Color technology high-contrast engine to produce stunning color performance and vibrant, crystal-clear images. The DLP technology virtually eliminates color decay and maintains color quality even after years of use. The ultra short-throw projector mounts on the wall directly above the Smart Board 685 interactive whiteboard and extends from the wall just 16 inches (41 cm), minimizing its footprint.

The system comes equipped with an extended control panel that provides controls for power, source selection, volume and an integrated USB hub. With the wire management bundle’s integrated VGA, USB and audio connection, easy connectivity is provided for a PC or Mac. The projector can be network-enabled for easy maintenance. Technical support can perform a task or run diagnostics remotely, reducing time and labor costs. Unlike projectors using LCD technology, the UX60 projector does not contain a filter or require monthly cleaning.

“Globally, Smart Board interactive whiteboards are the most widely adopted interactive whiteboards in both the education and business sectors. The introduction of the Smart Board 685ix interactive whiteboard system demonstrates our commitment to innovation and to providing our customers with a high-quality, user-friendly interactive whiteboard experience,” said Nancy Knowlton, CEO, Smart.

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