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‘HummingBad’ Malware Affects 85 Mn Android Devices

In an alarm to Android users almost 85 million devices running on Google’s mobile operating system have got infected by a malware called HummingBad. According to CheckPoint, majority of the HummingBad victims are in India and China. The malware affects most almost all Android OS versions, however, the most affected are devices running on Android KitKat and Android Jelly Bean. According to the Times of India report, the HummingBad malware is a “drive-by download attack” that users face when they visit certain websites. It includes two components: First component tries to gain root...

pCloudy To Storm The Indian App Testing Market

With India’s mobile application testing market being estimated at around $60 million, there is definitely hope that the future holds brighter and more competitive days for developers and testers alike. In the midst of a seemingly rapid-growing industry is this new venture called pCloudy, the nation’s first cloud based mobile app testing services provider, formed under the aegis of Smart Software Testing Solutions, founded in 2015. A recent round-table gathering shed some light on their flagship offering, and how they just might disrupt the market. It is a known fact...