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Blocks Of Success

Recently appointed as country manager for software solutions for Veritas India, Agendra Kumar currently has the mammoth task of satisfying and maintaining the list of Veritas partners and technology providers in the country.

Kumar reveals that Veritas introduces programs periodically and is bringing forth a plethora of programs for the partners. He says, “The Veritas Partner Program (VPP) is a prestigious offering to a select group of key solution providers and system integrators. In our commitment to ensure continual expansion and revenue growth for Veritas and our partners in the ever-developing storage market, we have introduced the Veritas Partner Program for our partners in the India sub-continent as well as worldwide.”

The Veritas Partner Program is for the highest achieving and most loyal partners. Kumar says, “The development and implementation of several channel programs and initiatives such as this is testimony to Veritas� commitment to our partners, and ensures the achievement of our mutual goals of expansion and revenue growth in the ever-developing storage market.”

The program provides an increased level of benefits that reward partners who make an investment in Veritas through a more defined set of requirements. These benefits enable partners to increase business and technical competency within their organization to drive more Veritas revenue.

Speaking in detail on the programs organized to promote the business of SPs and SIs through the products of Veritas, Kumar added that the Veritas Partner Program members have access to a wide range of benefits specifically designed to enhance the profitability of their business, and the resources needed to integrate Veritas Software solutions in their solution portfolio. He says, “These benefits assists them to increase sales of Veritas products and services, to promote and further develop the relationship they have with their customers and to attract new business”. With three partnership levels, partner benefits have increased as their participation in the program grows.

According to Kumar, all Veritas partner programs are focussed towards ensuring increased business opportunities of its partners. The benefits for Veritas partners, some of them outlined as above, shows that Veritas wants its partners get the maximum opportunities and support to grow.

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