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China Speeds Ahead as India Fails to Learn its Lessons

Fails to Learn its Lessons

The dragon is speeding ahead. Nowhere do you need to look at more than in the city of Shanghai, the city whose landscape has altered dramatically as some regular visitors to Shanghai in the past would say.p____p There is the government�s resolve behind the reinvention of Shanghai as the hub of commerce in Asia. It is in line with China�s global ambitions.p____p After all, China now has to catch up with only the US in the internet market, being second in size. Also, China is a huge exploding market for mobile and fixed line communications. The PRC today has the world�s largest number of mobile users, with 176 subscribers.p____p It is a new world out here, a brave new Shanghai, which has an international skyline to boast about with its plentiful high rise modern buildings and state of the art highways.p____p However, for a non-Chinese, communication is still a problem, with very few people who can speak English.p____p All the pomp and splendor displayed in this city helps in a way to get the foreign investors to put more faith in the PRC. As a German national compared, with true democracy as in countries like India, where too many people have their say, things get to be done slower.p____p As I said after my Taipei visit to cover Computex, India needs to learn her lesson fast. The ante has to be upped. India needs to build infrastructure fast on a global scale.

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