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IT Associations Looking For New Flag Bearers

Flag Bearers

–Duraikannu Soundarapandian

It’s election season at the end of March or the beginning of April in all associations. Everyone will be ready to choose their preferred candidates as office bearers, either through round-robin, roll-over or polling methods.

Some associations’ elections end peacefully, while there will be disruption in some. Regardless of the association, we cannot expect anything other than monthly meets, family meets, outing, donation, health check-up and the list goes on.

Wait a minute! Do we really need this? No, we do not want these stereotypes except our core business revenue being the constant demand from many members. It is time that we asked: Is this possible through our associations?

We are united for the same cause. Unless everyone co-operates by maintaining a uniform price and do innovative business, nothing is going to work out with the association. Remember that you are owner of your company and not the association that has many business-owners.

So my request to contestants is, “Are you willing to take up the challenges which are awaiting to be completed within a year’s period allotted to you?”

My advice is, first think twice or thrice before you contest to become an office bearer. Many contestants approach the members with answer to a regular question that emerges. We are not afraid of anything and we have learnt from the past experiences on how to lead the group.

Our simple aim should be: If you are making good revenue through your business, simply go ahead and be an inspiring member of our association without ruining your existing options. Star of the evening, shawls, applause and praises are all passing clouds and until then it is a dream-come-true to the upcoming contestants or nominees.

Well, don’t believe in someone who says that I am capable of handling both business and community very efficiently. As per God’s creation – very few are leaders, some are soldiers and many are civilians. Decide what you want to become. Think twice on what you want to bring on board and not to do the stereotype activities.

(The author is the CEO of Immortal Computer System, Puducherry and can be reached at The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the views of Channel Times or any of the websites managed or operated by Trivone Digital Services)

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