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Let Us Eradicate the Evil of Piracy

Evil of Piracy

Although it is said that we have passed over the era of clash between different operating systems, there is still a considerable amount of confusion present among the end-users – as far as choosing the operating system is concerned.

When we switched over from DOS to Windows, we faced the problem of bridging up the generation gap. In the next phase, with the growth of Linux, we witnessed surfacing of a new problem, which is still continuing.

Many vendors are offering their products loaded with Linux, which is obviously providing an alternative for those who opt to walk out of MS legacy. However, those who are not, often buy the PC seeing other advantages, and later get their PCs loaded with pirated MS software.

Resellers need to be watchful on this aspect. Arresting piracy of any vendor’s product is possible to a great extent through full-fledged co-operation of the resellers. Selling genuine software is beneficial for both the vendor and the reseller. Thus, resellers are expected to take up initiatives to propagate the idea and benefits of using genuine operating software among the end-users. It’s not desired that any dear member of our reseller community unnecessarily incur any legal procedure in piracy related issues.

However, one thing the vendors also should realize – why do the people opt for pirated software? More than price consideration, it is a matter of convenience for the end-users at this moment. To be more specific, even today many people do not understand the differences, limitations and legal disapproval of pirated software products. Original software providers will definitely find better result through reaching their messages to the end-users, who have been going for pirated software products. The ultimate eradication of use of pirated software will be possible with the co-operation of the users. Resellers may accelerate the vehicle, however, the fuel has to come from the end-users.

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