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Post-sale Support Creates Potential for New Sells


Although acceptance and use of Information Technology is growing at a reasonably fast pace in our country, our nation, as a whole, is still much behind to use the latest systems extended by the modern technology. Not only it’s just because of lack of skill, but also it’s often true that the quality of Internet service does not permit to fill up an online form in one dial-up attempt.

While it comes to online registration of a newly purchased IT product or lodging a service complaint, customers often find various difficulties. Quite funnily, many toll-free numbers are not attended on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays.

Many vendors are busier in making sales calls than attending service calls. It’s also not a rare instance that a major vendor does not bother to update its website that carries service center addresses, even in metro cities.

Ultimately, the customers’ rage is borne by the poor reseller. However, therein lies an advantage in disguise for the resellers, of course if the vendor (whose product is sold by the vendor) is really sincere to support the customers. If a reseller can lessen the burden of the customer to repair or replace the damaged or faulty product, he / she wins him at least for a few repeat orders from that customers’ social circle.

Perhaps many resellers follow this practice. But there are some who still consider it as not a part of their duty. Such resellers need to understand that extension of this small support, which may be little time consuming, will create a great potential for gaining new business.

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