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Although any terrorism with or without religious branding disturbs a country’s peaceful atmosphere, it cannot affect its economic growth in a great way, when the countrymen are united. Especially, in a sub-continent like India, where all religions are given equal priority by virtue of the constitution, any kind of terrorist attack cannot destroy the harmonious way of living of the citizens, and its relation with other countries.

Whatever be the actual motive behind the recent terrorist attacks at several important economic centers in Mumbai, apparently the actions were planned to slowdown the routine life of the busy people in the economic capital of India, and create a great set back in the business activities that are already hit by the global economic slowdown.

What do such terrorist group heads really think? The 1.13 billion people of this sub-continent will be terrified because of some immature young men’s suicidal attack on some prime business premises and crowded public places? Whatever be the severity of the attack, it has been repeatedly proved that no such act can affect the integrity of this country. Once again we are standing up united against the brute force.

On 27th November, the Indian money slipped down against dollar just by less than one per cent, which is not at all significant in this time of intense global economic instability. India has tackled the situation bravely. All the involved defending forces have shown excellent cooperative and coordinated approach to bring the situation under control, which has been of great use to keep intact the confidence of our business associate countries – on our genuine ability to tackle any detrimental action by the miscreants.

How’s the reaction of our business community after this flagitious incident?

Strongly condemning the Mumbai attack Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP and President FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), said, “Indian business and its various stakeholders have, so far, been mute and very detached from this debate on terrorism and tougher approach to terrorism and terrorists, including anti-terror laws. The attack is a clear and unambiguous attack on the Indian economy and all its participants. It is time we all join this debate on terrorism and demand stronger and firmer leadership and approach to this threat of terrorism, including better laws.”

The ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) Sr. Vice President, Dr. Swati Piramal said that national and industrial security including the safety of common man is in danger, and surveillance needs to be mounted at war footing to respond to security threats arising out of anti-national elements.

She has suggested that the entire India Inc. should come forward with a united voice to strongly condemn terrorism and suggests measures to government and law maintaining agencies to counter it in one go, so that nobody musters up the courage to challenge the national security as well as its sovereignty.

What do the IT community say?

While commenting on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and its impact on the Indian IT industry, Mohan Sekhar, President and COO, Collabera, said, “Businesses globally have come to accept the fact that terrorism has become a part and parcel of the new world we live in, and countries which have been affected like US, UK, India, etc., have shown its resiliency in dealing with the aftermath. We don’t see any kind of long term business impact on the Indian IT industry except that there could be some slow down in client visits during the coming months which was any way projected given the current global financial crisis and holiday season.”

As far as IT reselling business is concerned in Mumbai, Pravin Dhoka, CEO of Ortek and spokes person of TAIT (Trade Association of Information Technology) informed, “We should unitedly fight terrorism.. These attacks will have absolutely no impact on IT products’ market. The market was closed for two days, which is quite obvious. Monday onwards everything will be normal.”

Thus, the entire business community is holding a very positive and progressive view to march forward. Obviously, we have to take more measures to counter terrorism. These mean, meaningless, heinous activities won’t be able to damage our national spirit and drive for going and growing together.

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