CT Story Helps Mangalore Partner Identify ‘Master Thief’

Master Thief

Mangalore, Jan 30: Just a few hours after a thief was nabbed in Ernakulam, Kerala, various other partners, who were cheated by the same person, are coming forward and it has come to notice that the the conman had used similar tactics in Mangalore too.

After Channel Times published the story of the thief being nabbed, which was shared by the partners, Sadashiv Bhandari, CEO, Alpha systems, Mangalore, informed that he was also a victim of the same tactics some tendays ago and was robbed off products worth Rs. 11,500.

“I got in touch with the affected partner in Ernakulam immediately after reading the news and assured him my support. More than getting my money back, I am happy that the culprit got caught.”, he said further adding clues that the accused introduced himself as Dr.Kumar, who was working as an eye-surgeon in a hospital and was speaking Hindi with Bengali accent.

“We do not know whether it is an individual or a group spread across the country. However, I feel it is the high time the channel partners need to be aware of the happenings in and around them”, he said.

The accused had ordered a 20 inch Acer Monitor and 1 TB external hard drive Toshiba from Alpha systems of worth around Rs 11,500. The issue has been escalated with the association already.

Channel Times lauded: 
Bhandari also thanked Channel Times for the timely update and responsible way of reporting for the channel community. “The world is so small and Channel Times is very fast in reporting the cases quickly in a responsible way,” he said.

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